Welcome Families to 4th Grade!

Welcome to the 4th grade! I am so excited to be a part of the 4th grade team of learners and families, and Lakeview as a whole.  We will be busy reading for enjoyment and to learn, writing to express our  depth of knowledge and our thoughts, growing in math, exploring Wisconsin history, and blowing stuff up in science!  We will focus our entire year around being collaborative, explorers, playing, and ownership in our learning and choices.  We will have sooooo much fun!

Why Whitewater?

My husband has been at the UW-W for years, and after talking to many members of the community, Whitewater seemed like the place I would love to teach in, live in, and raise our children in.  I have been teaching for nine years and I am excited to continue my teaching journey here.  My husband Matt and I have four children: Ethan and Carter - who will be headed to WWMS in 8th and 6th grades, Brittyn - joining me at Lakeview, and baby Kendyl -who can be found across the street from Lakeview at daycare during school hours.

We will be using Google like machines this year and I will be using this website for some general year-round information.  Stay tuned to emails and newsletters for more!