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About Lakeview Library 

We are pleased to offer about 13,000 books and learning resources here at Lakeview, including fiction and nonfiction, reference materials, videos, DVD’s, leveled books for beginning readers and professional resources. The Library Media Center has an electronic catalog students and staff use to search for materials in the library. (See the Destiny Catalog link on the left-hand menu).
All students in grades Kindergarten through 5th visit the LMC each six-day cycle to hear stories or book talks, to do research, to learn information literacy skills and to check out and return books as a class.
Grades K and 1 checkout one book at a time. Grades 2 through 5 checkout two books at a time. Books are due the next library visit. For example, if a student's class visits the library every day 5, that student will need to remember to bring his or her library book(s) back to school on or before every day 5.
We also provide flexible scheduling for our students and staff. Students may come to the LMC individually, in small groups or with an entire class to use the space and the resources available.
The Library Media Specialist, paraprofessional and the classroom teachers work together closely to provide instruction and to coordinate the best use of library media center resources.

Contact: Jerre Sveum, Library Paraprofessional