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May is "Get Caught Reading!" Month
May is “Get Caught Reading Month”  Get Caught Reading is a nationwide campaign to promote the  fun of reading books for all ages.  To celebrate this awesome month the Lakeview Library Leaders are handing out “tickets” to any students they see reading outside the normal parameters of the school day.   For example, if they see a student reading at recess, or on the bus or during any free time they will give the student a ticket and turn in the student name.   (The staff will also help out handing out tickets).   The tickets will be entered into a drawing to win the Library T-shirt “When in doubt go to the library.” -  Hermione Granger!   You were                                      Caught Reading!   Your name will be entered into a drawing to win a T-shirt!!!  Congratulations!  (Give this part to the student.)	  Student Name__________________________  Student Grade__________________________   Caught by______________________________  Date__________________________________   (Give this part to Mrs. Sveum in the Library.)
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