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5/6 MON. ANIMAL PRINT Wear animal print today! 5/7 TUES. BASEBALL Dress in your favorite baseball team gear? 5/8 WED. CAREER Dress to impress – like you are going to work 5/9 THUR. DISNEY Dress in Disney wear 5/10 FRI. EXERCISE Wear comfy clothes, ready to exercise! 5/13 MON. FARM DAY Dress like a famer! 5/14 TUES. GREEN DAY Wear green today! 5/15 WED. HUGS/HIGH FIVES Compliment others today! 5/16 THUR. IMPORTANT DAY Dress like or celebrate your hero. 5/17 FRI. JUMP ROPE Wear clothes to jump rope in! 5/20 MON. KIND LIZARDS Write letters and promote kindness today in Lizard wear! 5/21 TUES. MUSIC DAY Spend some time listening to music. 5/22 WED. NATURE DAY Get ready for Natureland! Spend time enjoying nature 5/23 THUR. OUTDOOR READING We will celebrate the summer birthdays today 5/24 FRI. PLAY DAY NATURELAND! Play at Natureland Park! Wear lizard wear! 5/27 MON. MEMORIAL DAY NO SCHOOL 5/28 TUES. QUIET & READ DAY Quietly read today! 5/29 WED. STRIPES Wear stripes! 5/30 THUR. T-SHIRT DAY Wear your favorite tshirt today! 5/31 FRI. USA DAY Dress in red, white and blue today! 6/03 MON. VACATION DRESS DAY Dress like you are on vacation! 6/04 TUES. WISCONSIN WALK Wear Wisconsin gear and take a walk! 6/05 WED. X-TRA RECESS You can earn an extra recess today! 6/06 THUR. YOU SIT WHERE YOU WANT DAY Choose your own seat! 6/07 FRI. ZIP & ZOOM Zip up your bags and ZOOM into SUMMER! A
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